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eBay Fee Calculator

This calculator helps UK sellers calculate net profits from eBay sales. This is not an official eBay calculator, but it’ll give you an idea of how to price your items. If you need more clarity, talk to our accountants who specialise in ecommerce.

Selling information

Item price is the amount a customer pays for the product. Shipping charge is what you charge customers for each delivery.


Item cost is what your supplier charges you for the product. Shipping cost is what your supplier charges for delivery.

Payment method
Total costs£0
Final value fee£0
PayPal fee£0
Items cost (0 items × £0)£0
Shipping cost (0 items × £0)£0
Total profit£0
Profit margin0%

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How it works

Let's explore eBay seller fees

Whenever you list and sell an item, there are certain fees you'll have to pay, and those fees can add up if you're not expecting them. Below, you'll find a guide to figure out what the insertion fees are and how to calculate your final value fees so that you will realise a profit on the items you list.

Insertion Fee

To sell an item on eBay, you create a listing using the Sell Your Item form. eBay UK charges an insertion fee for each item you list. The Insertion Fee is based on what you decide is the Starting Price of your item.

This fee is non-refundable, even if you don’t get to sell your item. The amount charged depends on whether you have a Shop subscription and the level of Shop you subscribe to if you do have one: Basic, Featured or Anchor.

Business sellers with a basic eBay account get limited zero insertion fee listings each month for most categories. After exceeding that allowance, each additional item that you list is subject to a fee of 30 pence.

Insertion Fee

Revenue and Profit

Revenue is the amount of income produced by selling your products or services. To calculate it multiply the number of items sold by the sales price of each item or the average service price.
Revenue = Sales × Average Price of Service or Sales Price

You figure out your total profit after you deduct all of the business expenses. This simplest profit formula when calculating profit for a single item is:
Profit = Price – Cost

To calculate your net profit margin, divide your net income by your total sales revenue.
Net Profit Margin = Net Income ÷ Total Sales

Revenue and Profit
eBay fees

Final value fees for business sellers

The table below provides the list of product categories with the final value fees for business sellers. For more information, visit the official eBay website.

Final Value Fee
Art (except specified subcategories)10.9%
Art NFTs5%
Books, Comics & Magazines9.9%
Business, Office & Industrial11.9%
Cameras & Photography (except specified subcategories)9.9%
Clothes, Shoes & Accessories (except specified subcategories)11.9%


  • What are eBay fees?

    eBay seller account fees include the following: final value fees, insertion fees, listing upgrade fees.

    If the item sells, you are charged a final value fee. This is based on the final amount the item sells for and the category it is in.

    The insertion fee is the amount charged to you when you list a product in your shop.

    An extra listing upgrade fee charge will be charged for each listing upgrade.

  • How much are eBay sellers fees?

    On eBay, private sellers can list for free. You will be charged 35p insertion fee for each listing after you use up your 1,000 free listings for the month (or more for those with eBay Shops).

    Final value fee is charged once your item sells, and you'll be charged a percentage of the item's selling price. It is calculated on the total amount of the sale, postage and handling, and any other applicable fees. The final value fee is a variable percentage of the total amount of the sale that varies by category (for most categories, it is 12.55%), plus a fixed £0.30 per order.

    The price of the listing upgrade fee depends on the feature that you are paying for and how much your listing is upgraded.

    Depending on your payment method, PayPal or eBay’s Managed Payment system, you will be charged a fee for every payment transaction made. Paypal's cut is 2.9% and 30p per transaction at the moment, with eBay taking up to 10%, depending on the item. Under Managed Payment, eBay now charges 12.8% and 30p per transaction, which works out to a price that's slightly less overall.

  • What happens if you don't pay eBay fees in the UK?

    eBay will deactivate your account and stop you from buying or selling things until you pay up.

  • What percentage does eBay take?

    In most cases, standard selling fees are 10% of the total sales price as a final value fee, plus an insertion fee of $0.35. eBay.com sellers get 50 insertion fees for free each month and Store subscriptions can give you additional insertion fees.

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