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Amazon UK Seller Fee Calculator

This calculator is designed to help UK sellers calculate their net profits from Amazon-based sales through a seller fulfilment method. This is not an official Amazon calculator, but it’ll help to price your items. For more clarity, consult our ecommerce-specialised accountants.

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Selling plan
Item price, total£0
Shipping charge, total£0
Total costs£0
Item costs, total£0
Item cost£0
Shipping cost£0
Amazon fees, total£0
Per item fee£0
Referral fee£0
Total profit£0
Profit margin0%

Accounting for your ecommerce business from £65/m

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Accounting for your ecommerce business from £65/m
How it works

Let's explore all Amazon seller fees

Whenever you list and sell an item, there are certain fees you'll have to pay, and those fees can add up if you're not expecting them. Below, you'll find a guide to figure out what the insertion fees are and how to calculate your final value fees so that you will realise a profit on the items you list.

Insertion Fee

There are two types of plans offered by Amazon to sellers: a professional plan and an individual plan. The professional plan is a fixed amount per month, but there is no per-item fee. The personal plan has no monthly fee, but there is a per-item listing or insertion fee.

If you're just starting, you might want to try the individual plan while deciding if e‑commerce is for you. Sellers with significant volume will find the professional plan's flat fee to be more value for money.

Insertion Fee

Revenue and Profit

Running a successful Amazon ecommerce business means keeping an eye on your margins at all times. Here are the important metrics to calculate and track for your business.

Cost of Goods Sold

To calculate the cost of goods sold, add purchases for the period to the beginning inventory and subtract the ending inventory from it.

Cost of Goods Sold = Beginning Inventory + Purchases – Ending Inventory

Total Revenue Formula

Looking to forecast future total revenue? Here is how to calculate it:

Total Revenue = Quantity Sold x Price

Gross Profit

The gross profit is what remains after subtracting all costs associated with making and selling a company's products or providing its services. The formula for it is:

Gross Profit = Revenue – Cost of Goods Sold

Profit Margin

After all, expenses are deducted, the profit margin is the amount of profit left over. The formula is:

(Total Revenue – Total Expenses) / Total Revenue

Revenue and Profit
Amazon fees

Category referral fees

When selling on Amazon, partners must pay a referral fee calculated as a percentage of the total sales price. This includes item price, delivery, and gift wrapping charges. Amazon deducts this fee from the total sales price.

Referral fee (including the digital services tax)
Per-item minimum referral fee
Amazon Device Accessories45.9%£0.25
Automotive and Powersports• 15.3% for the portion of the total sales price up to £45.00
• 9.18% for any portion of the total sales price greater than £45.00
Baby Products• 8.16% for products with a total sales price up to £10.00
• 15.3% for products with a total sales price greater than £10.00
Backpacks and Handbags15.30%£0.25
Beauty, Health, and Personal Care*• 8.16% for products with a total sales price up to £10.00
• 15.3% for products with a total sales price greater than £10.00
Beer, Wine, and Spirits10.2%£0.25
Books• 15.3%
• And a closing fee of £0.50 per item sold
Not applicable
Business, Industrial, and Scientific Supplies15.30%£0.25


  • What is the difference between Amazon seller fees and FBA fees?

    Amazon seller fees cover various costs associated with selling on the platform, including referral fees, closing fees, and subscription fees. FBA fees specifically pertain to storage, fulfilment, and other services offered through Amazon's Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program.

  • What is the Amazon seller fee calculator?

    The Amazon seller fee calculator is a tool provided by Amazon that helps sellers estimate the fees associated with selling their products on the platform. It takes into account factors such as product category, selling price, and fulfilment method to provide an estimate of potential fees.

  • How can I calculate my profit on Amazon?

    By understanding the cost of the product, sellers can use that data to calculate the first KPI, profit margin. A profit margin is the difference between the revenue and cost of the business. It can be described as the ratio of profit divided by sales, which will be expressed as a percentage.

  • How much are Amazon seller fees?

    Amazon seller fees vary depending on factors such as product category, selling plan (individual or professional), and fulfilment method (FBA or FBM). Generally, sellers can expect to pay referral fees, closing fees, and possibly other fees depending on their specific circumstances.

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