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Osome Partners With UK’s Entrepreneur Guru, Simon Squibb

Author Gabi Bellairs-LombardGabi Bellairs-Lombard

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Osome has partnered with Simon Squibb to help turn aspiring entrepreneurs’ dreams into a reality. The partnership aims to promote free incorporation to 10,000 businesses in the UK in our mission to grow small businesses and start-up communities.

Osome Partners With UK’s Entrepreneur Guru, Simon Squibb

“Oh, thanks. I got it for free!”

Getting something for free gives you extra bragging rights when someone else compliments or asks you about that thing.

Now, imagine that thing was incorporating your dream business.

This is exactly what we’ve set out to achieve with the UK’s most charismatic and notorious entrepreneur guru, Simon Squibb. Our partnership will aim to register 10,000 businesses for free, empowering a huge segment of the country’s aspiring entrepreneurs without any initial price tag.

Who Is Simon Squibb?

Not only is he undeniably likeable and inspiring, but Simon Squibb is also why many small business owners’ dreams have come to life. Known for his bold move to buy a staircase in Twickenham for £25,000, which he converted into a “pop-up shop for entrepreneurs” with dreams he wanted to help turn into reality, Simon is pretty much the UK’s most-loved and accessible angel investor.

From starting his own business when he was homeless at 15 to selling his marketing agency, Fluid, to PwC, Simon knows the struggles that come with being desperate to be financially independent — this intimate level of empathy is evident in every interaction he has with ambitious people with smart ideas who just need that little bit of help to get their business off the ground. Even if it is free use of a co-working space in a stairwell.

Why We Approached Simon Squibb

Simon’s ability to mentor and give realistic hope to prospective owners of startups is a mission that aligns strongly with Osome’s. We believe that entrepreneurs are society’s changemakers, and nothing brings us more joy than working with a like-minded and experienced individual with an influential platform to further build on this vision. We know that everyone has to start somewhere, and, in this case, they start at the bottom of a staircase with an opportunity to get Simon’s investment if they pitch their business idea convincingly enough to get them to the top.

“Simon is on a mission to help 10 million people start and grow a business, which aligns with Osome's vision. By partnering with Simon, we believe we can add value to his audience by helping them start their dream business with free company incorporation." — Akash Singh, Osome Head of UK Marketing

What the Osome x Simon Squibb Partnership Means

For a limited time, Simon is helping us on our mission to incorporate 10,000 businesses for free as part of our commitment to grow and empower the UK’s entrepreneurial community. For those ready to ditch their 9-5 or who have always been business-minded and have an idea to test, this offer is an opportunity for aspiring small business owners to have all the initial admin taken care of for them so they can knuckle down and get going with executing their plan.

At Osome, we pride ourselves on making the lives of entrepreneurs easier. Over 15,000 businesses worldwide could have spent dozens of hours trying to register their business themselves. Instead, they chose to trust us to incorporate their business and handle the registration process for them. From helping choose a name and business structure to registering with Companies House, small business owners are able to get off the ground with all admin done from day one.

A selfless startup expert and investor and an online accounting and incorporation company walk into a bar… and they fill the room with dreams that are realised.

Don’t wait too long to take advantage of this offer — grab one of the 10,000 spots and start your company!

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